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We help innovation hubs be better managed and have more and broader positive impact on their startups while we also help founders be stupendously successful. We develop unique content reflecting our expertise, organize and distribute our members’ information to share and also point to excellent information available elsewhere.

Comes With Membership

Through these activities, we deliver the items listed on our Benefits page to help innovation hubs be vibrant and robust and to help startups get defined, funded, staffed and growing as they build momentum and create value:

• Searchable members-only webpages

• Archived on-demand resource lists, reports, checklists, articles, slide decks, teleconferences, podcasts, webinars, videos

• Ask an expert/member-help-member service

• Mentor database

• Events calendar

• Postings of members' available space and open staff jobs

• Specifics for hiring interns and new graduates from Illinois universities

• Monthly and quarterly newsletters

• Emails

• Personal introductions

• Virtual and actual events

• Planning our annual Illinois Innovation Hall of Fame, 21st-Century Innovator, Visionary of the Year and Innovation/Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Hall of Fame Awards recognizing the people behind emerging technologies, systems and products in many industries important to the state's future

• Commercial Partner Sponsor discount offers

Optional Fee-Based Services
  • We are currently identifying experts locally and as far away as Silicon Valley and will list their programs for our members soon.

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