Wealthy Families & Others Who Invest in

IL Entrepreneurial Companies

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7Wire Ventures

Early-stage healthcare, especially founders who focus on empowering the intelligent connected health consumer (connected devices, the cloud, sophisticated analytics)


Insurance, hospitality and many other industries

Anderson Pacific Corporation

Telecommunications, media and SaaS

Ashland Capital

U.S. companies with recurring revenues of $10-$50 million in industrial manufacturing & services, distribution & logistics and business services

Avocation Investments

Midwestern U.S. B2B businesses

Bluestein & Associates

Seed and Series A in food, retail and B2B technologies

Breslow Forsythe Group

U.S. business services, consumer goods, distribution, industrials, and manufacturing

Caretta Partners

Companies changing the world for the better

Chaifetz Group

Business & commercial services, consumer branded products & services, financial services, healthcare products & services, media & entertainment, niche manufacturing, transportation & logistics

Concentric Equity Partners

Late-stage business, consumer, financial and technology-enabled services

Equity Group Investments

Energy, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, transportation, media, real estate and many other industries

Fulcrum Investing

Seed through Series B up to $100,000

G-Bar Ventures

Early-stage ventures in business services, financial services, consumer products, healthcare, retail, real estate and information technology


Early-stage disruptive innovations in insurance, automotive, media & marketing, data management & analytics, customer satisfaction management, technology and education

Grand Crossing Capital

Trailblazing U.S. branded consumer goods companies in big markets with products and services that matter to consumers

Huizenga Capital Management

Early-stage through Series C in healthcare, finance, technology and consumer-focused businesses

Jump Capital

Expansion-stage investments in Saas, infrastructure, data services, security, fintech, insurance tech, payments, financial analytics, personal financial management, data-related healthcare solutions, B2B and B2C marketplaces, enabling technologies, market networks, high-performance computing, data mining and machine learning

Jumpstart Ventures

Seed, early- and late-stage investments in businesses that will improve the world

KGC Capital

Seed and early-stage investments

LeadLap LLC

Control investments in small to mid-size companies in B2B business services, consumer products/services, health services, education, marketing, media, advertising, gaming, information, insurance, food brokers and online sectors

Leo Capital Holdings LLC
Early- and later-stage investments in breakthrough consumer-oriented technology & applications, entertainment, youth-oriented technology, the internet and wireless, especially wireless healthcare applications

Kenex Holdings

Companies whose products and services are part of the backbone of the economy such as agriculture, food & beverage, transportation & logistics, and infrastructure services

Keystone Capital

Market-leading businesses in professional services & consulting, business services, industrial technology & manufacturing, food & beverage and consumer products

McNally Capital

Market-leading, innovative aerospace & defense, business services, staffing, ag & food & beverage, water/energy nexus and industrial manufacturing & distribution businesses

Merrick Ventures LLC

Businesses that can benefit from the application of internet portal technology

Muinzer Ventures

Entrepreneurs who think big and move fast

Old Town Capital

Early-stage investments in interactive/online marketing service and technology companies

Origin Ventures

Series A investments  in software, content and marketplaces


OS Fund

Quantum-leap scientific discoveries and audacious breakthroughs that promise to reinvent the operating systems of life and improve the lives of billions of people worldwide for generations to come

PSP Capital Partners

Early-stage and high-growth market-leading businesses in disruptive technology (data analytics, machine learning, real estate tech, fintech and insuretech), tech-enabled services (SaaS, information services, cloud computing and business services) and privacy/cybersecurity (information tracking & management and privacy compliance); also invests in later-stage companies in business services, high-value manufacturing & distribution and food/consumer

Pritzker Group Private Capital

Businesses with leading positions in the manufactured products (packaging, food and industrial components), services (tech-enabled, supply chain and industrial) and healthcare (medical products, healthcare services and pharma services) sectors


Romar Partners

Seed and early-stage B2B technology investments

Skydeck LLC
Businesses with a recurring and diverse revenue stream, good return on capital and
potential for growth (even if not growing currently)

Schwartz Capital Group

Dynamic consumer brands

Warhawk Entrepreneurial Fund
Clean technology, consumer goods, enterprise software, mobile, healthcare, restaurants, bridging online & offline, mobile payments, Saas, food & beverage and grocery businesses


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