Corporate Venture Capital Funds

Four fifths of corporate VC funds say they are primarily looking for strategic alignment with their startup investments, three quarters list financial returns as a core objective, nearly half invest in startups to increase their ability to be a thought leader and a quarter invest to establish early relationships with potential acquisition targets. Many make a few investments each year while the most active ones make 50 annually.

Our innovation hub members see the full list of 200+ and information about how best to approach and work with them.

7-Eleven Ventures
AB InBev (ZX Ventures)
ABB Technology Ventures
AbbVie Biotech Ventures
Advance Vixeid Partners
Airbus Ventures (A3 by Airbus)
Air Liquide (ALIAD Venture Capital)
Alphabet (Google Capital, Gradient Ventures an AI fund and GV, formerly Google Ventures)
Amazon (Alexa Fund)
American Express Ventures
American Family Ventures
Amgen Ventures
AOL Ventures
Applied Ventures
ARMO Biosciences
Ascension Ventures
Astellas Venture Management
Aster Capital
Autodesk Spark Innovation Fund
AXA Strategic Ventures
Axiata Digital Innovation Fund


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