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A Leader of the Illinois Business Innovation Association Moderated an
Investor Panel at Chicago’s FUND Conference

DeKalb, Illinois – October 27, 2017. Lisa Canning, a co-founder of the Illinois Business
Innovation Association, moderated a panel of professional athletes-turned-angel investors at this
week’s Chicago FUND Conference.


Chicago’s FUND Conference, also known as the Midwest's Deal Conference, was held
October 25-26. Designed to bridge the gap between early-stage investors and growing
companies, there were keynotes, panels and presentations for both funders and entrepreneurs
plus an expo of vetted startups. Ms. Canning moderated a panel that explored the investor
motivations and behaviors of Corey Mays, former Cincinnati Bengels, Kansas City Chiefs and
New England Patriots player, and Ryan Mundy, an ex-Pittsburgh Steeler.


Pointing to the quality of the conference and its attendees, Ms. Canning commented, “It was a
great conference. Founder RJ Pahura and COO Jessica Powell, and their entire team, did an
outstanding job of bringing in the highest quality speakers, vetting qualified startups, and
bringing the investment community together in Chicago to support early-stage investment. I am
excited to see what the future holds for the FUND Conference. Clearly, they are tapping into
huge unmet needs for the startup community.”


About the Fund Conference: Founded in 2015, FUND Conferences are connectors of startups,
entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, angel investors, crowd funding platforms and innovative financing
vehicles for new ideas in the global innovation economy, with a focus on deal flow and sameday
connections. The next FUND Conference will be held in Austin TX in April 2018. For more
information, visit the FUND Conference’s website at


About Lisa Canning: A co-founder and leader of the Illinois Business Innovation Association,
Lisa Canning has developed, and helped others develop, successful ventures for over 30 years.
She launched her first business, at age 17, from her dorm room at Northwestern University and
has created six multi-million-dollar companies, each of which attributes their success to her
imagination and creativity.


About the Illinois Business Innovation Association: Founded in 2017, the Illinois Business
Innovation Association is the statewide network of business incubators, accelerators, co-working
and maker spaces and other organizations in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems
dedicated to advancing diversified regional economic development, innovation and job growth
throughout Illinois. It is designed to offer entrepreneurs and all in its community a diversity of
knowledge, experience, support and resources unavailable elsewhere. For more information, visit the association’s website at


Carol Abrahamson, Executive Director of the Illinois Business Innovation Association, (815) 787-8909.


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