As a professional association and community of experts who foster startups, we strengthen Illinois entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation by serving the state's 

  • Hundreds of actual and virtual entities that foster startups and early-stage organizations

  • Thousands of startups they house and

  • Hundreds of ecosystem members

Who We Are

We are the statewide network of business incubators, accelerators, co-working and maker spaces and other organizations in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems dedicated to advancing diversified regional economic development, innovation and job growth throughout Illinois.

The breadth of our member network offers entrepreneurs and all in our community a diversity of knowledge, experience, support and resources unavailable elsewhere.


  • To accelerate the growth, the strengthening and success of our members and their housed early-stage organizations that will lead to new technology, process, product and service innovations and jobs. 

  • To facilitate knowledge, communication, interaction and collaboration between members, housed startups and the many organizations that stimulate their growth from both within (through our affiliate members) and outside (through our Commercial Partner Sponsors) the state's entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems.

Resources & Expertise to Help Entrepreneurial Hubs,
Their Startups and the Ecosystem Thrive

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